The Relevance of Social Media Networking

Think about it, when you find a site or even an image that you like, you send it to your friends. They visit it or look at it and then pass it to their friends. Slowly one passes to another, thus creating a network of social activity. Social Media are excellent vehicles for Brand Awareness, for your Products, Businesses and Services.

Social media websites offer your Business or Service the opportunity to utilise their user bases, presenting you with a rapidly increasing amount of potential customers. The success of the dominant social media giants, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be enough encouragement.  Facebook alone has risen from 100 million active users in 2008, to its current 2.8 billion, Instagram has One billion users. whilst Twitter is on 330 million active monthly users.

These social websites offer small and medium-sized businesses, access to their user bases which has never been available or affordable until now. It is important to manage these social tools wisely, it is extremely important not to spam, instead post thoughtful relevant communications, and respond to comments from potential clients in a timely manner. Add new content to your page as often as possible, and keep your customers up-do-date with what is new and interesting.

Social Media is time consuming. We can set up your social media profiles so that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are integrated with your website.